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C-15 Fixed stock Plastic version

C-15 Fixed stock Plastic version
After ICS M4 series, ICS has developed a new AEG,ICS C-15. It is designed to mount all kind of tactical equipments and also provides you in all special operation need. The brand new C-15 includes R.I.S. system, Ready mag, QD-silencer,and Flip up sight.●R.I.S. system:It includes tactical rails, tactical fore grip, and two RIS panels.●Ready mag: It can attach an extra magazine or attches hollow magazine shell and MC-84 Mag-shape battery. ●QD-silencer: Quick detachable designed, It depends on the operation needs. The short QD silencer is also available (optional) ●Flip up sight: The unit locks in on top and bottom position with positive detent system, easy to install and simple deploy.

Data of M4A1 Carbine Air Electric Gun
Hop-Up: Yes
Initial Velocity: 90-100 m/s
Firing Rate: 920 BB/m
Length: 880mm
Barrel Length: 375 mm
Battery:ICS(MC-29 8.4V 1800mAh)
Motor : ICS Turbo 3000
Weight: 3300g
Max.range: 40m
Pellet Capacity:450
Our price: £195.00 (230.10)
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